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In my script, I call the zip-command with the full path of the archive and the target directory like so:

zip -r /srv/www/htdocs/xxx/system/tmp/build/ /srv/www/htdocs/xxx/system/tmp/build/tmp_build_dir_1344856484/

The tmp_build_dir_1344856484-directory tree looks as follows:

|-- output.xml
|-+ ressources/
  |- some_file.png
  |- another_file.png

My problem now is, that I need the root of the zip-archive to have the XML file and the ressources-folder, but currently, the archive also includes the full path name.

# Wanted path to some_file.png in zip-file:
# What I currently get:

How can I truncate the path just to a certain level so I can keep the sub-folder but not have the whole directory tree in it?

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I ended up changing the work-directory like explained here – Lukas Knuth Aug 16 '12 at 12:13

Try this:

$ cd /srv/www/htdocs/xxx/system/tmp/build/tmp_build_dir_1344856484/
$ zip -r ../ .
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It's probably better to use a subshell in scripts to do not modify current working directory, like (cd $long_path && zip -r ../ Or one also can use pushd/popd for that. – xaizek Aug 14 '12 at 6:29

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