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So I go to Run the ActiveX, and then the page loads, and says Done on the status bar. However, nothing happens. Windows updater does not run on the page. I have isntalled the latest MS Update agent. Tried it in IE 7 and 8, and cannot get Win to update.

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You need to use at first; after that, you can use the updater that's installed on your operating system by visiting that link. Please note that Windows XP no longer updates through a website, but rather on your computer in the control panel.

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This error was in my WindowsUpdate.log file, suggesting that the Windows Update web component was out of date:

FATAL: Update required for C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuweb.dll: target version = 7.2.6001.788, required version = 7.6.7600.256

The other methods suggested didn't work for me, but running the fixit tool from MS support did:

You can also go to:

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Tom, that's not true for Windows XP.

The only workaround I've found that works consistently is to use the French update site to reinstall a working version of Microsoft Update. (Then you can reload normally)

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I just tried this work around and it appears to no longer work (at least not for me) – userx Apr 9 '13 at 21:42

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