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I need to tell someone my MAC address imminently so I can be added to their router, but I am not at my computer. My laptop is a Dell Latitude E6510, running Ubuntu 12.04 with an Intel 82577LM ethernet card. Can an Intel 82577LM adapter using the standard Ubuntu driver be spoofed without downloading any extra software? I obviously won't have internet access without having first done this.

I know how to spoof a MAC address in Ubuntu, but as mentioned in the ifconfig man page, this only works if the device driver supports it.

#ifconfig eth0 down 
#ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:80:48:BA:d1:30
#ifconfig eth0 up

Is there some way I can know in advance if this will work?

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According to it's datasheet the 82577LM supports MacSec which prevents MAC spoofing in the presence of appropriate hardware. The question becomes whether Ubuntu supports MacSec in 12.04. – jhoyla Aug 14 '12 at 14:27

Yes, I asked on the e1000e driver (the Linux driver used for Intel® 82563/6/7, 82571/2/3/4/7/8/9, 82583, and i217 controllers) mailing list as mentioned in the docs and I was told:

For the 82577LM device, e1000e does support MAC spoofing but not MACSec.

By Bruce W Allan, one of the authors of the driver.

The e1000e project can be found on sourceforge here.

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