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I have a very simple Python script that I'd like to be always running on my ubuntu 12.04 server. I thought of using upstart + monit. Problem is that those tools seem rather complicated for a simple mortal like me, and I cannot find a simple example on the web.

Is upstart + monit overkill ? / Does somebody know a simpler alternative ? / or a good tutorial ?

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As I just want the script to be running, isn't upstart enough ? Monit is needed only to make a test periodically right !? –  sebpiq Aug 14 '12 at 14:28

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Taken from this answer:

You could write a bash script monitor.sh which starts your python script and restarts it if it crashes but doesn't restart if the script exits normally:

until myscript.py; do
    echo "'myscript.py' crashed with exit code $?. Restarting..." >&2
    sleep 1

Then just start the monitor script in background:

nohup monitor.sh &

As an alternative to nohup, you may also consider tmux or screen for running background processes.

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Works like a charm, and so easy ! Thanks :) –  sebpiq Aug 14 '12 at 14:59

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