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I am trying to scan barcodes into an Excel 2010 spreadsheet. Each time I try to scan the barcode it tries to name the cell. If I engage the cursor in cell it scans in the data, but I have to do this for each cell. How do I get it to bypass the "name game" and just input the data and go to the next cell?

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Select the whole column by clicking on the top of the column, then 'Format Cells', on the 'Number' tab select 'Text' then Hit OK.

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maybe this post will help you which talks about issues on automatic barcode reading function in Excel.

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Assuming the link is not spam (on my phone, can't really check), you should try to post information from that post, so that we have a copy here. It helps to also prevent link rot – Canadian Luke Mar 7 '13 at 3:38

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