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When GParted is open, I cannot use the GUI to mount, unmount, or do other operations to partitions. The GUI (includes GNOME, KDE, and Xfce) complains that the "daemon is inhibited".

Palimpsest cannot read SMART data, in case you can't see the image that's supposed to be here...

However, if I use the terminal, I can do all those operations normally as if GParted was not open.

My question is how can I disable or circumvent the restrictions that GParted places on the GUI? As a desktop user, this was confusing at first and not desirable.

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Run this command each time a process prevents other programs from controlling devices:

sudo killall udisks

You can now manage devices with your user-level interface while having GParted open.

Notice: This only has a one-time effect and does not prevent the udisks --inhibit from locking again.

root is the only user that can inhibit all polling. This is a security measure so that while the super user is working with dangerous tools like GParted, a normal user cannot mess things up between refresh intervals of such tools.

Source: udisks Reference Manual

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Finally accepted this solution. It works well, but if anyone else has a better way, post it as an answer, and I'll accept it. – Deltik Oct 22 '12 at 22:00

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