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I'm trying to install a program using msiexec from 'CMD' and I'm trying to add a URL parameter.

So it looks like this:

Msiexec /i \\spfil001\MSI\esdh\offext.msi URL=http://stesdh01

But I must be doing something wrong cause when the installation starts it says

"You must set the URL parameter or the program will not complete".

I'm guessing my syntax is wrong. Could someone help me? I tried everything I could think off with "" and '', ().

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And the problem was.. I didn't run CMD as administrator.. even though I was administrator it required I right clicked on it and hit "run as administrator" .. so now it works.

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Just because you're an administrator doesn't mean that everything you run automatically executes with full permissions. For more information, read up about UAC. Also, remember to accept your answer so other people who find your question will know what helped you. – Indrek Aug 15 '12 at 12:57

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