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Just got a new Lenovo laptop and, like the idiot I am, typo'd my username. No problem, thinks I, I'll just remove that user and create a new one.

Unfortunately, I had already registered almost all my fingers to the typo'd account. Now, with my new, correctly spelled account, I can only "enroll" the finger that I didn't on the old account.

It seems the BioExcess®™ way to do this is to use the supplied Finger Convenience utility. Of course, wise old Lenovo have decided that their OEM version of BioExcess doesn't need such frivolity.

When I rang Lenovo support, I was advised to do a factory reset. This seems like nuking a nut to me; especially as I've spent several hours installing stuff by this point.

Surely there's an easier way - does anybody know it?

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