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I have a USB-to-DB9 adapter, no FCC serial visible anywhere, that I need drivers for.

I can't seem to get any relevant info searching on Google. Does anyone have any good ideas where I might be able to get a lead on some drivers?

I'll even upload a picture of it.

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Well, drivers for which OS? :) – Joril Sep 24 '09 at 13:40
Windows XP who cares about the rest :-P – Ioudas Sep 24 '09 at 13:41
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Try Prolific drivers. PL-2303 is probably most common chip out there.

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This solved it... awesome – Ioudas Sep 24 '09 at 17:06

I guess if you boot from an ubuntu live cd you could do lsusb at a terminal to give you a clue

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great idea too! – Ioudas Sep 24 '09 at 17:04

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