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I installed openSUSE 12.1 yesterday and it doesn't show some unicode characters, like Kannada characters.

I'm using KDE.

What do?

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Install package indic-fonts.

Teaching you how to fish:

Font Support for Unicode Block Kannada lists fonts that have decent coverage. GNU Unifont is packaged as gnu-unifont. Last Resort and Unicode BMP Fallback SIL are bogus.

The other two mentioned there are available as downloads from the Web and require manual installation. Unpack the font files from the archive, if any. In a file manager, bring up the context menu for a font file and select ActionsInstall…. The files should now show up under the fonts:/ URI in Konqueror and a copy in the file system under the hidden directory ~/.fonts/.

Restart any application in which you intend to intend to use a new font.

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