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trying to import my outlook.pst into thunderbird, but it seems my computer has to have outlook running on the computer to do this import.

I have the outlook.pst file, can't I just point thunderbird to that file somehow?

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Use Thunderbird PST Import plugin :

Thunderbird PST Import plugin was created to allow importing Outlook PST and select which email folder to import. Thunderbird PST Import plugin is licensed under GPL (uses libpst).

Some more information is here : Import .pst files.
Unfortunately, some part of the described proceeding requires Outlook to be installed (you may even install an evaluation version and uninstall it afterward).

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The libpst module doesn't seem to have a good reputation. However, the "Import .pst files" link you point to has some good ideas. – seanyboy Sep 24 '09 at 14:35

Unfortunately not. They both use different file formats.

Also, I think you need Outlook to convert .pst files to a different format.

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simply go to tools > import> select outlook and import whatever you want.

just install outlook import your .pst data file there and then do the above.

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I found that Thunderbird was unable to handle importing from multiple .pst files. I had to move all my mails back manually into the "base" .pst file and then remove the others using file/data file management. Then I made sure that the antivirus was off and that Outlook was running and set as the default mail program while I did it.

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