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I've been using this iBall Blueooth FreeGo mouse for a month now. Today i started to give unsteady pointing. This leads to wrong clicks and i'm unable to precisely point objects on my screen

even if i let the mouse stay on any surface, the mouse pointer jerks every second as if i'm moving it

The laptop's in-built mouse-pointer works just fine.

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What I can think of, is the following:

  • Make sure the batteries are full.
  • Check that there is no dust on the sensor area, under the mouse.
  • Try the mouse on a difference surface and see if you have the same behavior. (Edit: Ok, you tried that one already)

If you still have the problem, then it is possible that your mouse is simply faulty, and I would recommend you contact their support to exchange it. Apparently they offer a 3 years warranty.

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Contacting them would be the best choice because i didn't use it too much to drain batteries that soon – rzr Aug 16 '12 at 10:27

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