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i formatted my dell studio 1555 laptop hard drive and when i try to install windows 7 it shows up a message that says

" a required cd/dvd drive devise driver is missing . if you have a driver floppy disk, cd, dvd, or usb flash drive, please insert now."

i searched the internet about this message they say that it might be the installation cd is damaged but i tried more than one ,, others say that i need to set the sata drivers via a usb i also tried this but it didn'y=t work !!

anyone has any idea about such problem and how it can be fixed ?!!!

thanks in advance :)

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Does your DELL have a Service-Tag?
Normally you can find those Drivers at DELL itself here:

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thanks jenson it did not work my laptop is formatted so i can't install any driver !! – Israa.Kh Jul 26 '12 at 7:52

Reboot your system and press F2 to BIOS menu, check sata staus, if CD device detected? what did you use, ex-CD or the CD device inside?

about installtion, press F12 into boot menu, select CD/DVD item. if you use ext-USB CD device, choose USB item.

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