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Most new laptops come with a hybrid graphics setup and often with NVidia (Optimus).

Assuming that a laptop has an integrated Intel graphics card and a discrete Nvidia with Optimus technology and does not have a BIOS setting for the hybrid graphics.

The main problem is that if the display interface ports are wired to the NVidia card they will not work properly on Ubuntu (or other distro) but if they are wired to the Intel one they will work out of the box without issues.[1]

So my question is: is there a pre-installed tool with which I can find out the wiring of the ports right in the shop? If that is not the case is there a tool that i could ask the shop attendee to install to check this? (on Windows 7)

[1] https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Multi-monitor-setup

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Find this information online based on the specific model you want to buy, not in the shop. Shop attendees are clueless. Just my 2 cents. –  allquixotic Aug 16 '12 at 20:08