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Have successfully installed Windows 8 CP to 2 boxes, PC and laptop. Easy install BUT CP offered a download assistant. RP does not. The process is different and more vague and I don't want to screw this up.

From within CP I click the Windows Explorer Folder and find the DVD drive and then click the setup icon on my burned iso. 2 screens later it says Files to Keep? NOTHING so I assume it will install the RP over my CP partition on Drive D - the partition that DOES NOT contain Windows 7. :-)

Or will it? I guess I would like to see a screen which says: Select a partition or drive to install to but this install program is very basic. You have to assume and, if you're unsure, assumptions are always a no-no.

Please tell me If I'm going in the right direction and, by the way, to make it a little more confusing, I installed CP to an added D partition but, when I'm in CP, it shows on My computer as Drive C. Is this fun or what? :-))


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