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I have found many ways to bind a key or key-combination to start a process or another key, how do I do it with mouse and keyboard combinations?

I want windows to do a page-up when hold shift and scroll up with the mouse, and vise versa.

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You can do this with AutoHotkey.

Simply use this script:

+WheelUp::SendInput {Shift Up}{PgUp}{Shift Down}
+WheelDown::SendInput {Shift Up}{PgDn}{Shift Down}

The + means while shift is held.

Shift must be released before sending page up/down, otherwise it interferes (try holding shift and using the keyboard page up/down buttons). That's what {Shift Up} does.

Shift is pressed down again after sending the page up/down, so you can go more than one page without physically releasing the key.

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Thank you, I installed AutoHotKey and used your script. Works perfectly! I was knee deep in C# trying to figure out global hooks to Keyboard and Mouse, however, this solved my problem. – André Christoffer Andersen Aug 17 '12 at 12:38

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