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I am hacking (customising) my start-up scripts. I have been Googling for hours, but keep coming up with how to change default display manager, and this is NOT what I want to do...

I have been trying to get GDM (default for me) and KDM to run simultaneously (on separate virtual desktops)

Basically I want every bootup, to have F7 as GDM and F8 as KDM. Please do not ask why (I would like to switch between them easily) and please also do not mention how many resources it will suck, as I have considered this, and I have a 6-core with 16GB ram.

I have figured how to disable the default window manager check, but I cant for the life of me find where you change the virtual display (i.e. :0, :1, :2, etc.)

I have scoured the init.d scripts, which I don't believe it is in there... I am sure it is in the /etc/gdm and /etc/kdm4 directories.

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