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I have installed Windows 2008 server but I could not find out Powershell (Microsoft mentioned in its web page that this is part of Windows 2008 Server). Anyway, I tried to find it out from Microsoft web page. The package for Windows 2003/XP does not work. Not sure if the Windows VISTA x86 Vista RTM one is the correct one?

Thanks for any advice!

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Powershell ships with Windows Server 2008, but indeed is not installed by default.

  1. Click Start and then Server Manager
  2. On the Left Pane select Features and on the right pane click Add Features
  3. On the list of features that appears, check Windows PowerShell
  4. Click Next and then Install
  5. When the Installation is complete, Powershell will be under Start->All Programs

Have Fun!

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Ya. I got it installed. Thanks! – Sep 24 '09 at 19:51

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