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I have a lookup section to the right of around 6 sheets on my Excel document, all different - I'd like to have them fixed in position, so for example cells L2 to P19 would show up no matter how far I scrolled down the document.

Is anything like that possible? I've tried freezing panes and adding a split, but they don't do quite what I'm after (they either just fix horizontally/vertically, not just fix some cells in position permanently).

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If you split vertically immediately to the right of P and horizontally immediately below 19 then the NW quadrant would be fixed, is not that what you are asking for? Would be very impractical and there may be a better way (eg drop down list) but it depends on your requirements, that are not clear to me. – pnuts Aug 24 '12 at 11:00

You have not clarified quite why just splitting does not suit, so exactly what you would like is not clear to me but an alternative to freezing/splitting could be to add a New Window:

SU463399 example

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