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I'm trying to get a decent (read: not standard X11 load set) font for using xterm on Mac OS X 10.8. I like Bitstream Vera Mono and it is in a file VeraMono.ttf. I have placed this file in my .fonts directory.

Now, if I do xterm -fa VeraMono it works great. But if I put the following in my .Xresources file:

XTerm*facename:     VeraMono

it doesn't work?


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The resource names are case-sensitive; you must use faceName as in the Xterm manual.

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As grawity pointed out the resource names are case sensitive. According to the xterm man page. Search for renderFont you may need to set a faceSize as well. The following lines should work for your ~/.Xresources

XTerm*renderFont: true
XTerm*faceName: VeraMono
XTerm*faceSize: 10
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