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I am trying to figure out if my PC LAN card is VLAN capable or not.

To be precise I want to check if my lan card can c

  1. Can I receive VLAN tagged traffic
  2. If I can receive , after that can I untag the VLAN tagged traffic?
  3. Can send out traffic VLAN tagged traffic from my PC?

If someone can provide the conceptual answers and the practical setup to check those, I would be grateful.

My PC is running Ubuntu 12.04. Just for info.

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Lookup the manufacturer and specifications of the NIC. See if they mention 802.1q compatibility in hardware drivers. If that isn't possible, here is a complete article on turning on and testing 802.1q (VLAN tagging) in Ubuntu

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The questions you are asking would require pages of information to answer. This is the stuff books are made of. This is a Q&A site. This is not a site for people to donate their time to do free network engineering for you. I humbly point out there is a huge difference. – Everett Aug 19 '12 at 3:55

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