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I was trying to create a USB bootable in Debian to install my new system. I couldnt find any easy to use tool in Debian. I tried downloading the hybrid iso image from the Debian site and copied it to the USB using the dd command as said in Debian site. But it didnt boot.

Next I used the Startup Disk Creator tool in Ubuntu and it worked like a charm. Is there any similar tool in Debian? I know that there is Unetbootin but its difficult to install

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Unetbootin is a debian package, also available on many other distributions and systems. It does install an ISO image as a bootable USB drive.

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You can try MultiSystem or LiveUSB.

Pendrivelinux.com is a very useful resource for this sort of thing.

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Win32DiskImager, or rufus.

You may find either of these are the below links, respectively: http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/


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