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over the last 5 years i have accumlated several partial MAIL folders scaterred across several different volumes (representing 10GB++ of mail that i really dont want to have to download all over again!)

i want to merge them all into one single MAIL folder (i mean HFS filesystem-level folder: NOT a POP/IMAP-level folder! lol)

these various MAIL orphans/islands are populated with many of the same email accounts (though often with differing osx user accounts! & thus potentially incompatible permisiions!) — so i obviously dont wanjt to generate zillions of duplicate message! ;) ...

what i need to know if there is some rational, built-in filtering inside the MAIL app itself that will consolidate duplicates — in a way that iTunes & iPhoto, for instance, does not automagically know how to do! Or: will i need to utilize a third-party util (the same way that iphotoBuddy permits iPhoto libraries to be merged).


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