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This is not about Word's internal Compress Images feature. That feature is extremely limited and does not do what I need.

Here is the manual version of what I need: go to an image in my Word document, copy it into Photoshop (or other program that can handle resizing well, i.e. not Word), and resize it to the same size it's been resized to in Word (i.e. right-click the image in Word, choose Size, copy the %, go to Photoshop, choose Resize Image, and stick that % in the box).

Then I replace the image in Word with the image I'd resized in Photoshop, and put the size back to 100%. The image is now identical to how it appeared originally in the document, but Word is no longer saving the entire, full-resolution image in the .docx file. Seeing as images in my file are frequently displayed at 30% to 40% of their full size, I expect a dramatic reduction in my .docx filesize.

Word's internal feature only has 220 ppi, 150 ppi, and 96 ppi. This is insufficient granularity for my needs; I want to get exactly the resolution that it is currently sized to in the doc.

Does anyone know of (ideally) a program that can do this, or alternatively some sort of API for Word documents so I can do it myself? I don't really want to code a program that does this but I could if necessary.

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