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How can I make control-tab (and control-shift-tab) behave sensibly Notepad++? I would like these shortcuts to behave as they do in my web browser, ie. control-tab moves focus to the next tab to the right, control-shift-tab to the tab to the left.

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Since asking this question I defected to the editor Sublime Text – Colonel Panic Jan 29 '14 at 21:04
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  1. Browse the menu Settings / Preferences / Misc
  2. Look for the box Document Switcher
  3. Uncheck both 'Enable' and 'Enable MRU behaviour' (whatever that is)
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MRU is Most Recently Used. It switches between the tabs based on which ones were used most recently. – Dracs Aug 20 '12 at 10:43

This answer by Luke Scammell has a very full explanation, as well as instructions for creating your own preferred keyboard shortcuts (I prefer Alt+LeftArrow and Alt+RightArrow).

Note that in the current version of NP++ (6.6.7) the lines to change in Settings / Shortcut Mapper are lines 219/220 (about 7 up from bottom of list).

Also, Luke includes an autohotkey macro/script that allows you to retain the default NP++ behaviour, but still use your preferred keyboard shortcuts in addition to the defaults.

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