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The question says it all: I'm looking for a VirtualDub alternative which can work with video files if there's only a DirectShow filter available (and not a VFW filters as VirtualDub requires)

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What particular format do you need to read?

Avidemux is a really nice video processor along the same lines as VirtualDub, but with much wider codec and container support. It doesn't use DirectShow though, or even VfW; it is instead supplied with support for many formats built in.

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Another freeware product that gets good reviews is Pinnacle VideoSpin.
I quote from the review Gizmo:

Another major contendor in the world of video editors is a corporation named Pinnacle. Pinnacle is a software company that creates high quality video editing software for professionals and individuals alike. Recently they introduced a freeware program called Pinnacle Video Spin. The software itself is very flashy and contains many usefull features. However, many features are blocked and even omitted in the free version. For this reason it is not my most highly rated software. But for the user who is just looking to do simple editing, the program works fine. It comes packed with many preinstalled titles and credits.

alt text

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You may not like it if you are use to VirtualDub and the advanced features however-

Windows Movie Maker...

I used it recently on Windows 7 (the version you download from Live) and was surprisingly impressed for a free product. It did what I needed and I converted it to DIVX from WMV when I was done.

I can't think of anything that would work with the Direct Show filters better!

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You can use VirtualDub with the DirectShow input plugin ( ) but it works better if you use the specific input plugins + the needed VFW codecs that you can find in ffdshow-tryout

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