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I have a server that solaris 8 is on it. I want to connect to oracle's management system . I found this article getting started with oracle . To connect to management system I should enter http://hostname:portnumber/em on my computer . But I don't have the port.
And the port number also recorded in the $ORACLE_HOME/install/portlist.ini file. So How to find this file ?

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You give the path to the file, then say that you can't find it. What exactly is the issue? Is $ORACLE_HOME defined correctly? – Gnoupi Aug 21 '12 at 8:45
I can not find $ORACLE_HOME – hamed2 Aug 21 '12 at 8:51

On UNIX systems, if you do not specify the Oracle home directory during installation, the installer attempts to obtain it from information contained in the Oracle installation's oratab file, which it locates using the environment variable ORATAB_LOCATION. If ORATAB_LOCATION does not exist, the installer then attempts to find the file using the standard pathnames




If the installer cannot locate the oratab file using either of these methods, it cannot determine the Oracle_home directory. In this case, you must specify the Oracle home directory and oratab file by setting the OracleHome and OratabLocation inivars manually by using the set inivar configuration command or by editing their definitions in the init.cfg file.

Hope it helps.

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Since you know the name of the file, you can use the good old find command, which should be in Solaris as well:

find / -type f -name "portlist.ini"

Or any other file that you would expect to be there. This should allow you to find the installation path.

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