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I have Windows 8 Pro installed on a test machine (latest release, fully updated) and I tried to add a hotmail account to the mail app.
When I tried this the first time, the 'adding process' seemed to work fine, but when it was finished, the mails did not show up in the program. Also I cannot find the account on the account page in the settings.
When I now try to add the account again, it won't let me do it, claiming that this account is already added to the program.

I use the same account for this, that I use to log into the system. The account itself is working fine and I can log in to the hotmail homepage.
If I try my google mail account, it works fine.

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I am going to guess this is because Hotmail does not offer IMAP support out of the box. Have you tried switching it over to an to see if that works? – Ramhound Aug 21 '12 at 11:28
What do you mean by "switching it over to an"? Normally I don't use hotmail, therefore I am not used to their account system. Also, do you think that MS was programming a mail client that is unable to use hotmail, but adding an 'add a hotmail account' button to the menu? – Michael K Aug 21 '12 at 11:42

I have exactly the same problem. My Windows Live account is very old, and my logon name is different from the mail address, and I suspect that this is a part of the problem. I have tried adding my acccount as an outlook account, but still I get a blank page, and i can't see the account under settings. But when i Open my calendar all my appointments are doubled, and in the account settings my outlook account shows up.

I suspect the mail problem has something to do with the fact that I use another mail-address as logon name to my windows live account. Is your logon name and your hotmail address the same or different?

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My account is as old as the system. I just created it for it. The address is the logon – Michael K Aug 22 '12 at 10:55

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