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I have a macro that needs to be run from the shortcut button. I have added that shortcut in word 2003 & 2010 manually without breaking a sweat. Now in word 2003 if I add a shortcut it got saved in Normal.dot file & if I copy-paste that Normal.dot file in another pc that Macro-Shortcut comes up without any extra effort. But that's not the case for word 2010.

I need to do the same thing for word 2010. What can I do?

I am describing my project requirement below, any workaround is appreciated: I have to provide a macro to my clients, right now I'm saving my macro in a Normal.dot file & then running a batch file which overwrites Word's Normal.dot file. Now I need to show a shortcut for this macro.

Any idea how can I solve this problem?

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Copying the Normal.dot from Word 2003 for direct use in Word 2010 is not recommended. You could instead rename your template something else and put it in your Word Startup Folder. This would make it a global template and give access to macros and keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2010.

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