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We have a client with a Brother MFC 8880DN connected up to their server via USB and shared out, which is printing fine and all is well.

It's really a short question more so than anything - in order for users to scan from their PC, I assume it would need to be networked up and not connected via USB - and the same for Scan to Email?

At the moment I guess the only way it could scan would be to scan and store a local copy onto the server?


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You can get a manual for your printer from Brother, it will tell you what you can and cannot do.

It appear that there are two methods, one is using the software provided with the printer/scanner to present an option on the scanners LCD screen as a "Scan to:" option. The other method is via "Internet fax and Scan to E-mail (E-mail server)"

In either case it appears that, yes, you need to have it configured on the network in order to scan to multiple machines.

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