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I have installed emacs on Windows 7. It works if I go to 'cmd' and type 'emacs'. But how can I configure it with a specific file extension (e.g. .txt') so that I double click it and it will use 'emacs' to open that file.

Thank you.

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According to emacswiki:

Create File Associations

Use Windows command-line commands ‘ftype’ and ‘assoc’:

ftype txtfile=emacsclientw -na runemacs "%1"
ftype EmacsLisp=emacsclientw -na runemacs "%1"
ftype CodeFile=emacsclientw -na runemacs "%1"
assoc .txt=txtfile
assoc .text=txtfile
assoc .log=txtfile
assoc .el=EmacsLisp
assoc .c=CodeFile
assoc .h=CodeFile
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