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Assume there are three dirs: abc adc aec

I want to type cd dc, press Tab and get cd adc (trailing / is not important) completion.

Is it possible? What is the simplest way to achieve this behaviour?

I can move cursor to d inside dc and then press Tab, zsh will complete; but this is not convenient at all.

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In your ~/.zshrc:

  1. Make sure you're enabling compinit:

    autoload -U compinit
    compinit -i
  2. Enable tab-completion in-word:

    setopt complete_in_word
  3. Shift the cursor to the end of the word after tab-completion.

    setopt always_to_end

Those four lines (or even just [1] and [2]) were all I needed in an empty ~/.zshrc to enable this behaviour.

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