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I want to install windows 7 through bootcamp and i have mountain lion currently installed. When i go through bootcamp to make the partition it forces me to insert a windows 7 cd. But i have a iso of the operating system and my cd rom cd on the mini keeps spitting out cds and it only works when it chooses to. Is there any possibility that i can virtualize a cdrom like i did on windows like a daemon where i can mount the iso and make the os think i have inserted a cd?

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Okie, i have tried this:
[1] use boot camp to partition the drive easily.
[2] reboot the system with the USB drive attached (assuming u have windows 7 on a pen-drive and is bootable, and u can make it using an ISO, just google it)
[3] hold down Option / Alt key while booting, and install it on the windows partition u created.

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in order to partition with bootcamp it requires a cd to be inserted. use daemon tools ( to make the computer think the iso file is a cd. – Sarmen B. Aug 23 '12 at 5:21
no it doesn't , it partitions it first, then it asks for the DVD for installation.. – aliasgar Aug 23 '12 at 5:30

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