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I have this:

d   a   1   =VLOOKUP(A1,$B$1:$C$5,1)
e   b   2   =VLOOKUP(A2,$B$1:$C$5,1)
f   c   3   =VLOOKUP(A3,$B$1:$C$5,1)
g   d   4   =VLOOKUP(A4,$B$1:$C$5,1)
h   e   5   =VLOOKUP(A5,$B$1:$C$5,1)

But its gives me this:

d   a   1   4
e   b   2   5
f   c   3   5
g   d   4   5
h   e   5   5

When I expect this:

d   a   1   4
e   b   2   5
f   c   3   N/A
g   d   4   N/A
h   e   5   N/A

What am I doing wrong?

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You need to add the range lookup parameter (FALSE) to your formula to find an exact match.

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