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Is it possible to get the path of the currently open file (path on local disk or network path UNC) in the frontmost window in Microsoft Windows 7?

If it would be possible at least for Microsoft Office 2007 applications, this would be great, but a system wide function would be great.

(a solution for MacOS X is described here: Get path of open file in any application on Mac OS X?)

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The best you could probably do is look at the recent documentation registry keys, and get the list of most recent documents.


However, this isn't going to show you whether a document is currently open or not. You could potentially check the title of all open applications, since many applications put document names in their window titles, but this is not a requirement, and many applications do not do that.

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Process Explorer can display all open files for each process. Select View/Show Lower Pane and View/Lower Pane View/Handles, then select the process.

However, it is not possible to see directly which of the files is the one "open".

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