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I'm looking for a VNC client for Windows (XP/Vista) which supports clipboard transfer to a Linux/Gnome desktop running on the server side.

Any suggestions?

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It should work fine with realVNC.

Remember that if you press Ctrl+C to copy BEFORE you open the VNC connection it will not work. You must have VNC running before you copy stuff into the Clipboard (that one always catches me out).

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If you use realvnc server on the *nix machine and realvnc client on windows, it should work. Just add vncconfig -nowin& to your xstartup file in the .vnc directory before the command to launch your window manager.

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When I tried this, it didn't seem to have any effect even after I re-started VNC (it might be that the window manager kept running the whole time). So, I ran it in the command-line window ( vncconfig -iconic -nowin& in my case) and everything worked after that.

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