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How do you switch the parenthesis and square bracket keys in Linux? Specifically Ubuntu x64 in a virtual box running under Windows 7, using an otherwise standard US keyboard layout - I already have them switched in Windows, but Linux ignores this.

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Keymaps is what you are looking for.


Each complete key definition line is of the form: keycode keynumber = keysym keysym keysym... keynumber is the internal identification number of the key, roughly equivalent to the scan code of it. keynumber can be given in decimal, octal or hexadecimal notation. Octal is denoted by a leading zero and hexadecimal by the prefix 0x.

Also use dumpkeys -l to view current configuration


plain keycode 14 = BackSpace
control alt keycode 83 = Boot
alt keycode 105 = Decr_Console
alt keycode 106 = Incr_Console
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