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I am using Google Chrome as the default program to execute PDF file because it can be opened in tab and I can bookmark it for easy access later. But I do not use the default PDF viewer of Google Chrome, I want to use the Adobe Reader plugins instead because it has more convenient features than the default viewer. This works great with Adobe Reader 9. But when I update to Adobe Reader X, Chrome renders PDF files using its default PDF viewer, not the plugin. Anybody knows how to fix it?

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Type chrome://plugins into the address bar, find the Chrome PDF Viewer, and click Disable.

If it doesn't work, follow these steps.

However, if the your Adobe Reader's version is 10.1.3: it seems like there's an ongoing problem with Adobe Reader 10.1.3 for Google Chrome - see this thread. Some people have suggested several workarounds, but there is no solution yet.

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