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Is there a program or app out there that you could place on a network location and run it to see if the currently logged in user has full control permissions to the file that you just placed there? Right now I can see what's in the Security tab, but it doesn't tell me exactly what group the user is in, etc. Has anyone heard of or seen something like this?

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assuming from context - under windows? Security->Advanced->Effective permissions. There is no simple way of doing that via cmd line. – wmz Aug 22 '12 at 18:18
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You can find out a local users group memberships with

net user *username here*

At the network level

gpresult /USER *username here*

Replace *username here* with the username and no asterisks around it.

File permissions information

cacls *file path here*

Replace *file path here* with the file/directory name or path

Subinacl command from microsoft can show you some command line permissions (

Another tool xacls (

Show owner of a file

dir /Q

I think some combination of these will help. Also, if you are on a more modern system I would check out the capabilities of powershell to address this problem over cmd. I will update if I can think of any other commands which may be helpful in your pursuits.

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