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I've messed up my mac running OSx 10.4. I could recovery it if I can access the CLI (I've accidentally moved some files from root directory to another one --> this lead not to booting anymore, keeping flashing on the logo's image). So basically I just need to move them back to the original dir.

I'm not an expert: I read on Stackoverflow that I need to press command-R while booting but it seems that my OS is too old for this trick :(

How can I solve it? Thanks in advance. Really hoping that someone will help.

PS I've tried to reboot with the installation dvd but it brings me where I can reinstall the entire OS. I just want either to access the CLI or the graphical interface.

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Boot from your CD, then press Continue (I believe) to get to the next screen. You should see your menu bar pop up at the top of the screen. There you can select the Terminal from the Utilities menu, and your mounted disk should be under /Volumes.

rsync is not available in this mode, but scp is.

Hope that helps.

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