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I'm trying to setup access to my university's IT environment from my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04, by (mostly) following the IT-department's guides on AFS and Kerberos.

I can get AFS working well enough so that I can navigate to my home folder (located in the nada.kth.se cell of AFS), and I can get Kerberos working well enough to forward tickets and authenticate me when I connect with ssh. However, I don't seem to get any AFS tokens locally, on my machine, so I can't just go to /afs/nada.kth.se/.../folder/file.txt on my machine and edit it. I can't even stand in /afs/nada.kth.se/.../folder and run ls without getting Permission denied errors.

Why doesn't kinit -f myusername@NADA.KTH.SE give me an AFS token? What do I need to do to get one?

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Usually, the answer is "run aklog" (or afslog from Heimdal -- either should work). If you're using Heimdal Kerberos (which I suspect you are at KTH), try adding the --afslog flag to kinit.

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