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When I go to preview or print a Word 2003 document, the "table of contents", "table of figures" and the "table of tables", visible while editing in "Print Layout" mode, are suddenly replaced by their fields codes , e.g. {TOC \o "1-3"}.

In preview mode I can force them to re-appear when I press , same as one would use to toggle visibility in editing mode.

I still can't find a way to actually print my document with TOC .

Toggling field code visibility, as explained in the accepted answer to the question (page-number-doesnt-show-anymore-word-2003) makes no difference.

Since a colleague is able to print the documents I authored, and the problem exists for all documents I look at, I assume it is a local setting and not a broken document.

But toggling the settings under Tools->Options->View or Tools->Options->Print doesn't fix the problem.

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I found the answer as I was writing up the question ...

The solution was in an unexpected place: open the Print-Options dialogue (File->Print->Options) and uncheck "Include with Document"->"Field codes".

It seems this option can be set global with Tools->Options->Print and over riden per printer with File->Print->Options,

nice if you know, but a nightmare if you dont!

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