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My OS is Windows 7 64-bit.

I'm travelling many times, and many places I know the wireless settings. Every of the wireless networks are using DHCP.

Only one place where I need a static IP is home. I need IP in this place.

Can I set the network settings (IPV4) to it is use DHCP commonly, but in this network use (static)?
Or can I write some script that automatically set IPV4 to dhcp, and run this on Windows start, but on home I click on other script what set the IP to this static, and DNC to *.1?

Now I set this by hand, but many times I forget it. The router "application port forwards" are binded to this IP...

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Why do you have a static address in your home network? If your router has a dhcp, you can configure it to give you this ip every time. – Michael K Aug 23 '12 at 7:17
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If you open Network Connections in Control Panel and enter the wireless card properties you will be able to configure IPv4 settings (Internet Protocol Properties).

You have a tab in there named 'Alternate configuration'. On 'General' tab leave option Obtain automatically. On 'Alternate configuration' setup your prefered IP address. This will be used in have your host will connect to the network without DHCP - your home network.

If you want a static IP address in your home while using DHCP at the same time - you need to setup IP reservation on your wifi router to give you the same IP address based on your MAC address [Network card (NIC) identificator].

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