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I have this error

InfoPath cannot submit the form
The form does not contain any new data to submit to the datasource

How can I fix this?

I've made a form in InfoPath specifying an access database for it to feed into; here is some info on the database.

  • The database has a key field, as well as some text, numbers and boolean fields.
  • The purpose of the form is to collect information from a survey - some yes/no questions and a unique identifer field
  • I'm not using SharePoint as the version we have access to does not have branching/conditional formatting
  • The form and database share the folder on a network drive.
  • The form has a submit button, and a new record function, I got rid of the 'new query' button as I'm not querying the database, just adding new rows.
  • I don't need all of the information to be submitted - some fields can/should be left blank.

I don't think I've missed anything, hopefully.

With all this, I am getting the above error: InfoPath cannot submit the form The form does not contain any new data to submit to the datasource

I'm pretty certain that the form does contain new data, but despite scouring the interwebs I've found nothing on this error that was applicable to my situation.

How can I fix this error, so I can submit to the database?

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Whilst it'll be a few days before I can submit a bounty on this, in fact it'll need to be after I get back form a trip, I promise to give a hefty (200+) rep-reward for anyone who can answer this by 12 GMT. If you think this'll be answered more quickly elsewhere, please let me know and I'll delete/repost there. – Pureferret Aug 23 '12 at 8:35

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