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I'm using SFTP via terminal to connect to a server to upload and download files. I often find myself typing statements like this:

cd website/theme/drupal7default/assets/css
lcd website/theme/drupal7default/assets/css
put mainstyle.css

It would be much better if I could have one command that can perform both a cd and lcd. So that I can do something like:

cdboth website/theme/drupal7default/assets/css
put mainstyle.css

This will make sure my lpwd and pwd are the same. Does the command I'm looking for exist? And if the command does exist, what is it?

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Within sftp the easiest way is probably to use the arrow to return to previous command, then Home or Ctrl+A to go to the beginning of the line, then L Enter. That is:

  • Home L Enter

For your use case perhaps the internal SFTP client is not the smoothest way, though. You don't mention OS, but if it concerns *nix, then using an SCP wrapper script directly might be a simple way to save time in the end, creating e.g. myupload and mydownload that attempts to upload or download the file given as argument to/from the server respectively, automatically deciding the correct paths from some given base project paths. Set up key based login so you don't have to enter a password every time.

Another pro with using SCP from the command line on *nix as compared to the SFTP client is that you will be in a familiar shell environment, most likely Bash, and have access to regular navigation tricks among the commands such as tab completion, command repetition, brace expansion, etc.

Personally I prefer version control systems for these kinds of tasks. It will give you simple uploading using e.g. a commit hook, and version control is very handy for code projects. I don't know exactly what you are doing so it might not fit perfectly, but if you like, take a look at e.g. Mercurial or Git.

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I agree with everything you said. Their systems admin disabled my ssh access. I think that's why when i run scp command, i get permission error. This system hasn't installed version contorl yet. – John Aug 23 '12 at 15:43

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