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If I have this sample code:

function foo()
    var bar = 1;
    var foo = 1;
    // These two lines will be indented on save,
    // however the following line will have it's indention removed:

    return foo + bar;

How can I make Sublime Text 2 stop removing the indention on lines only containing whitespace?

If possible I would still like it to remove it from lines which contains other characters than whitespace.

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I found out that setting trim_automatic_white_space to false solved my problem.

However it doesn't work when enabling trim_trailing_white_space_on_save.

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I had it set in sublime 2 and when installed sublime 3, just lost what option it was. This same option is in v3. – Xavi Montero Sep 12 '14 at 23:46

In case you've already lost wanted whitespace-only indented lines, like happened to me by the thousands on save, here is my script to restore indentation to empty lines within indented blocks of code:

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