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When I open a plain text file in chrome and choose save as, how can I change the extension in the "save as" dialog in Chrome?

For example consider this file:

When I try to save that file I get this dialog: enter image description here

Changing the text in the textfield to the following does not work:

Tubster.tmTheme    ->  Tubster.tmTheme.txt
"Tubster.tmTheme"  ->  "Tubster.tmTheme".txt

Is there a way of saving this as Tubster.tmTheme?

I'm using Mac OS, so this may only be a problem on that OS.

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You have to expand the dialog by clicking the triangle after the "Save As" textfield.

Then if you try to save the file as Tubster.tmTheme, Chrome will give you a dialog, where you can use the .tmTheme extension.

enter image description here

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