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I recall an Application from my Vista days data provided from moving an application (its executable, all affiliated DLLs and all the dependencies thereof) I have basically filled up my C: drive and have a lot of room on my D: drive. So I wish to move applications from C: to D:

Any ideas?

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Move the contents of the application folder to a new folder on your D: drive, then delete the old folder and replace it with a symbolic link that has the same name as the old folder, pointing to the new folder. You use the mklnk command in a command prompt window to do this.

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I was able to copy C:/Program Files over to D: without any problem. Looking at C:\Program Files and its properties I was unable to see the location tab to do a move. Using the administrator command prompt what is the exact syntax I should be using? I'd rather have the operating system files move the files then to magically link to files I copied in an unrelated operation. – greenber Sep 2 '12 at 15:15

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