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I'm trying to install Windows 8 Pro x64 on my notebook. Previously I had the Win 8 RC installed, so the hardware should be supported.

Installation from USB starts as it should, I'm able to delete the old partition(s) and create a new one, but no matter what I try, after creating partitions the setup does not continue but shows this error instead: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition.

It says to have a look in the log file, but the system is unbootable, so I can't look on the hdd for logfiles, and I can't find any logfiles on the install medium.

I tried to go back and install Win7 just to check, but it shows me the very same error now, so I guess the partition table is somehow messed up?

I ran GParted to recreate the partition table, which did not help.

The system has no CD drive, so I can't go back and try the XP installation CD - what else can I do to reset the partition table?

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It seems the installation had problems with my USB device.

I used an SD card in the internal reader, which bootet nicely but did not install (error as above).

When I used a USB stick instead, it worked.

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