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how to integrate the windows 8 x86 and x64 RTM iso so that it contains all the editions eg Windows 8 x64 Enterprise Windows 8 x86 Enterprise Windows 8 x64 Professional Windows 8 x86 Professional

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What You’ll need

  • Installation ISOs for Windows 8 x86 and x64 (any edition)

  • ISO creation / editing software such as UltraISO

  • Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit (Since Windows 8 Automated Installation Kit is not out yet, you need to try if the Windows 7 AIK can do it for you and hence try making this on a Windows 7 PC)

If it does NOT work you will have wait for the Windows 8 Automated Installation Kit to be released by Microsoft.

How to Create the Intergated ISO:

  • Using UltraISO, extract the \SOURCES\INSTALL.WIM files from both the x86 and x64 ISO files. (If you do not have ISO files you can create them from your DVDs)

  • Rename these INSTALL.WIM files as x86.WIM and x64.WIM

  • With the Windows 7 AIK installed on your computer run the Deployment Tools Command Prompt

  • Type the following commands in the Command Prompt window adding any folder destinations as necessary:
    IMAGEX /EXPORT x86.WIM 1 INSTALL.WIM “Windows 8 Enterprise x86″
    IMAGEX /EXPORT x64.WIM 1 INSTALL.WIM “Windows 8 Enterprise x64″

  • This will integrate all the contents from the various version WIM files into a single INSTALL.WIM file.

  • Using UltraISO, copy this new INSTALL.WIM into the SOURCES folder in your Windows 8 x86 ISO file.

  • From the SOURCES folder delete the file EI.CFG from the same ISO file. Here is the Microsoft Article on these files. If they do NOT exist, then skip this step.

  • Save the ISO file

This method definitely works for Windows 7 & may NOT work for Windows 8 as the Windows 8 AIK is still not out. If this works, this would just be a hack or a work around. I do not see x86 and x64 Slipstreamed DVDs on my TechNet or Bizspark account also.

So I repeat, it may NOT work for Windows 8 and you might have to wait till Windows 8 AIK is out.

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